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got my new ipod shuffle gen 2 a day before it hits stores. had to yell at FedEx to get them to deliver it though. nonetheless, after charging i am absolutely hitting the gym. it is so sleek and, actually, heavy for the size.

*interesting to note, i had to update the ipod as soon as i hooked it up to an updated itunes - firmware 1.0.1, and it hasn't even been officially released yet.

oh, and work is stressful.

i know it is going to be a good day

Tue Oct 24, 2006, 6:06 AM
went to sleep around 9:00pm last night. woke up at 6:00am this morning.
next came breakfast; made eggs (overeasy) and hasbrowns. perfect morning food.
locked some old ladies into the parking lot (hey, they aren't supposed to park here). they figured out how to get out.
started reading women in love by d.h. lawrence.

oh yea, i shaved.

yes, today will be good.
just thought you might want to know.

if only the rest of you guys really knew.

go give scott a :nod::heart:. jark

:bulletgreen: the future of deviantART?

<table border="0" bgcolor="#ffffff"><tr><td></td></tr></table>

If you were not able to attend last weekend, watch and see what you missed. From anime to literature, digital art to graffiti, photography to pixel art, last weekend was recreated in the Hollywood Palladium!

Airing June 23rd at 4PM PST, G4's Attack of the Show will be reviewing their time with us at the first annual deviantART Summit. You won't want to miss this great episode!

:bulletred: deviantART Summit 2005 homepage
:bulletred: G4's Attack of the Show homepage
:bulletgreen: June 23rd's Attack of the Show episode information
:bulletgreen: Check the episode time listing in your area
"These are rock bottom prices. They won't get any lower." - is having a sale on the 2004 deviantART green and black t-shirts as well as the ever popular deviantART skullcap.
Check out the links below and order yours now!
<table><tr><td align="center" width="200">
12$ USD</td><td align="center" width="200">
10$ USD</td><td align="center" width="200">
12$ USD</td></tr></table>
Mozilla Firefox 1.0.3

Mozilla Firefox 1.0.3 is the latest update to the Mozilla Foundation's popular (and powerful) internet browser.

Central to Mozilla Firefox is the ability to infinitely expand the feature set by aid of extensions, which are are small files which augment or introduce functionality to Firefox. There are hundreds of extensions to choose from, downloadable from sites such as Mozilla Update and are typically less than 100kb in size. Extensions are available which improve downloading, tabbed browsing, searching, navigation, bookmarks and more. Other extensions introduce entirely new features such as mouse gesture support, chat, games, and many other categories.

Firefox also supports themes, which allow you to customise the browser's appearance. Themes range from those which change the browser’s colour scheme, to those which completely change Firefox’s appearance and can be obtained from Mozilla Update. Lastly we have plug-ins, giving you the ability to view Flash, Java, Adobe Acrobat documents, several media formats and ActiveX controls.

Firefox has three integrated managers. The Downloads manager lists your current downloads, and depending on your settings your past downloads . Sadly, resuming partial file transfers is not possible at the present. The Extensions manager displays all extensions which are installed in your profile, and as the name implies allows you to manage them. The Themes manager does the same, but for your Firefox themes.


:bulletgreen: Popup Blocking: Stop annoying popup ads in their tracks with Firefox's built in popup blocker.

:bulletgreen: Tabbed Browsing: View more than one web page in a single window with this time saving feature. Open links in the background so that they're ready for viewing when you're ready to read them.

:bulletgreen: Privacy and Security: Built with your security in mind, Firefox keeps your computer safe from malicious spyware by not loading harmful ActiveX controls. A comprehensive set of privacy tools keep your online activity your business.

:bulletgreen: Smarter Search: Google Search is built right into the toolbar, and there is a plethora of other search tools including Smart Keywords (type "dict <word>" in the Location bar), and the new Find bar (which finds text as you type without covering up anything).

:bulletgreen: Live Bookmarks: RSS integration lets you read the latest news headlines and read updates to your favorite sites that are syndicated.

:bulletgreen: Hassle-Free Downloading: Files you download are automatically saved to your Desktop so they're easy to find. Fewer prompts mean files download quicker.

:bulletgreen: Fits Like a Glove: Simple and intuitive, yet fully featured, Firefox has all the functions you're used to - Bookmarks, History, Full Screen, Text Zooming to make pages with small text easier to read, etc.

:bulletgreen: S, M, L or XL—It's Your Choice: Firefox is the most customizable browser on the planet. Customize your toolbars to add additional buttons, install new Extensions that add new features, add new Themes to browse with style, and use the adaptive search system to allow you to search an infinite number of engines. Firefox is as big or small as you want.

:bulletgreen: Setup's a Snap: At only 4.7MB (Windows), Firefox takes just a few minutes to download over a slow connection and seconds over a fast connection. The installer gets you set up quickly, and the new Easy Transition system imports all of your settings - Favorites, passwords and other data from Internet Explorer and other browsers - so you can start surfing right away.

:bulletgreen: A Developer's Best Friend: Firefox comes with a standard set of developer tools including a powerful JavaScript and CSS error/warning console, and an optional Document Inspector that gives detailed insight about your pages.

Changes in this version:

:bulletblue: Javascript "lambda" replace exposes memory contents
A bug in javascript's regular expression string replacement when using an anonymous function as the replacement argument allows a malicious script to capture blocks of memory allocated to the browser. A web site could capture data and transmit it to a server without user interaction or knowledge.

The attacker cannot control what will be captured, but the data returned sometimes contains bits of websites the user has recently visited and their addresses. The data could be sifted to find the occasional valuable bits of information.

Disable Javascript.

:bulletblue: javascript: PLUGINSPAGE code execution
When a webpage requires a plugin that is not installed the user can click to launch the Plugin Finder Service (PFS) to find an appropriate plugin. If the service does not have an appropriate plugin the EMBED tag is checked for a PLUGINSPAGE attribute, and if one is found the PFS dialog will contain a "manual install" button that will load the PLUGINSPAGE url.

Omar Khan reported that if the PLUGINSPAGE attribute contains a javascript: url then pressing the button could launch arbitrary code capable of stealing local data or installing malicious code.

Doron Rosenberg reported a variant that injects script by appending it to a malformed URL of any protocol.

The plugin finder in the Mozilla Suite is not affected by this issue.

Do not press the "Manual Install" button on the Firefox plugin finder. Use a search engine to find an appropriate plugin for the content.

:bulletblue: Showing blocked javascript: popup uses wrong privilege context
When a popup is blocked the user is given the ability to open that one popup through the popup-blocking status bar icon and, in Firefox, through the infobar. If the popup URL were javascript: selecting "Show javascript:..." from the infobar or popup blocking status bar icon menus would run the javascript with elevated privileges which could be used to install malicious software.

Do not show blocked popups, or, if you must, show individual popups only if the menu item starts with "Show http://" or "Show https://".

:bulletblue: Cross-site scripting through global scope pollution
As you browse from site to site each new page should start with a clean slate. shutdown reports a technique that pollutes the global scope of a window in a way that persists from page to page. A malicious script could define a setter function for a variable known to be used by a popular site, and if the user does browse to that site the malicious script will run in that page. This would allows the setter script to steal cookies or the contents of the page, or potentially perform actions on the user's behalf (such as make purchases or delete webmail) depending heavily on how the site was designed.

The objects persist until the window or tab is closed.

Open a new window or tab before going to any site requiring a log in or containing sensitive information. Or disable javascript.

:bulletblue: Code execution through javascript: favicons
Firefox and the Mozilla Suite support custom "favicons" through the <LINK rel="icon"> tag. If a link tag is added to the page programmatically and a javascript: url is used, then script will run with elevated privileges and could run or install malicious software.

Disable javascript.

:bulletblue: Search plugin cross-site scripting
A malicious search plugin could run javascript in the context of the displayed page each time a search is run. This could be used to steal cookies or page contents, or issue commands to that site on the user's behalf. If the open page has elevated privileges (about: plugins, about:config) then the script could install malicious software when a search is performed. javascript: urls are no longer supported as a search action.

If the user installs a search plugin from a malicious site the new search plugin could silently replace an existing one by choosing the same filename and using a long enough server path to push the filename part off the edge of the confirmation dialog. To the user it would appear as if the new plugin failed to install, but searches performed using the overwritten plugin would be handled by the malicious one. If the ultimate results came from redirecting to the original site this could remain undetected for some time. The malicious site could use this to track people's search history, or perhaps to add their own paid results at the top of what the user would assume to be a reputable search site.

New search plugins no longer overwrite existing ones. If you need to reinstall or upgrade an existing search plugin you will have to find and manually delete the old one first

Do not install search plugins from untrusted sources.

:bulletblue: Arbitrary code execution from Firefox sidebar panel II
Sites can use the _search target to open links in the Firefox sidebar. Two missing security checks allow malicious scripts to first open a privileged page (such as about:config) and then inject script using a javascript: url. This could be used to install malicious code or steal data without user interaction.

Disable Javascript.

:bulletblue: Missing Install object instance checks
The native implementations of InstallTrigger and other XPInstall-related javascript objects did not properly validate that they were called on instances of the correct type. By passing other objects, even raw numbers, the javascript interpreter would jump to the wrong place in memory. Although no proof of concept has been developed we believe this could be exploited.

Disable Javascript.

:bulletblue: Privilege escalation via DOM property overrides
moz_bug_r_a4 reported several exploits giving an attacker the ability to install malicious code or steal data, requiring only that the user do commonplace actions like click on a link or open the context menu. The common cause in each case was privileged UI code ("chrome") being overly trusting of DOM nodes from the content window. Scripts in the web page can override properties and methods of DOM nodes and shadow the native values, unless steps are taken to get the true underlying values.

We found that most extensions also interacted with content DOM in a natural, but unsafe, manner. Changes were made so that chrome code using this natural DOM coding style will now automatically use the native DOM value if it exists without having to use cumbersome wrapper objects.

Most of the specific exploits involved tricking the privileged code into calling eval() on an attacker-supplied script string, or the equivalent using the Script() object. Checks were added in the security manager to make sure eval and Script objects are run with the privileges of the context that created them, not the potentially elevated privileges of the context calling them.

Disable Javascript.

many stops. sorry.

Sun Mar 20, 2005, 2:11 AM
many stops. sorry.

  • Listening to: this place is a prison - the postal service
  • Reading: enchanted - orson scott card & sabriel - garth nix
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Last updated on March 13, 2005, AOL Instant Messenger's Terms of Service mandates that "you waive any right to privacy."

Although you or the owner of the Content retain ownership of all right, title and interest in Content that you post to any AIM Product, AOL owns all right, title and interest in any compilation, collective work or other derivative work created by AOL using or incorporating this Content. In addition, by posting Content on an AIM Product, you grant AOL, its parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, assigns, agents and licensees the irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide right to reproduce, display, perform, distribute, adapt and promote this Content in any medium. You waive any right to privacy. You waive any right to inspect or approve uses of the Content or to be compensated for any such uses. -AOL Instant Messenger TOS

Granted, these conditions only apply to "all users who either registered for AIM services or downloaded AIM updates or software on or after February 5, 2004," however the issue of your right to privacy and content you divulge across AOL servers is hotly contested. Already noticed in a Slashdot article authored by Macintosh enthusiast Ben Stanfield, operator of,  there exists concern over what AOL will be doing with your content. Since these terms apply for use of AOL Instant Messenger servers, even iChat and Trillian are affected.

:new: AOL has announced plans to clarify its privacy guarantee in light of these concerns.

:bulletred: Slashdot Article
:bulletred: Macslash Article
:bulletred: AOL IM Terms of Service
:bulletred: AOL clarifies IM privacy guarantee

'mmmmmmarrrrrrrrrrgh' - a rant

Thu Mar 3, 2005, 5:32 AM
"mmmmmmarrrrrrrrrrgh" - a rant

  • Listening to: diplo - breezeblock mix 07-27-2004
  • Reading: keeper of the keys - janny wurts
  • Watching: 24 s04e11

reading: detrimental to one's health?

Sun Feb 27, 2005, 11:50 PM
oh, i passed 50k pageviews at some point this week. woo!.

reading: detrimental to one's health?

  • Listening to: dieselboy - project human
  • Reading: stormwarden - janny wurts
  • Watching: glitter (ugh, 45 minutes)

chronicles of walking home.

Fri Feb 18, 2005, 5:56 AM
chronicles of walking home.

  • Listening to: kelly clarkson - since u been gone ( Live)
  • Reading: coming through slaughter - michael ondatjee
  • Watching: shark tale

1,590 days ago today, opened its figurative doors on the world wide web.  Today, 1.1 million members later, deviantART has reached 9 million deviations.  To celebrate, we are showcasing an assortment of 12 random deviations and deviants.  This random sampling is just a small example of the time and commitment that has made deviantART the internet's #1 artistic community.

Showcased using the Random Deviation function:
<table width="100%" style="padding: 6px"><tr><td width="33%" align="center" style="border-right: solid 1px #7F897F"> butterfly by surfychick</td><td width="33%" align="center" style="border-right: solid 1px #7F897F"> Your Best FriendYour strength is like the mountains,
You smile shines with God's presence, and
Your voice touches every heart that you speak to.
At this time of hardships and trials
The body may be weak, but
Your soul and spirit are strongholds.
No one can break you down,
Because the love of the Lord stands firmly behind you.
Friends are there for you,
Friends care for you in times of pain and sorrow, and
The most important thing a friend can do for you is…
To comfort and hold you up when no one else will.
Remember, your best friend is always there and is always there to listen to your troubles.
He is only a prayer away.
Your Refuge and friend is
"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31
</td><td width="33%" align="center"> Megr Head by mgrpny</td></tr><tr>
<td align="center" style="border-right: solid 1px #7F897F"> Comparison Number Five by chrisondra</td><td width="33%" align="center" style="border-right: solid 1px #7F897F"> The Epitome of DepressedEyes are red from crying
Out of breath from sighing
Grasping on to better times
Wishing still that you were mine
Trying to keep up with the crowd
Making my screams seem not so loud
Knowing things should be better
Thinking of ways to start my letter
Staying awake has become a job in itself
Staring at those pictures on that shelf
Crying into the deep hours of the night
Dreaming of drifting off into the light
Stopping anything that once was routine
Taking part in the bad things I've seen
Yearning for the impossible
Fearing the unstoppable
Contradicting everything I know
Parading on with this stupid show
Complaining about everything
Sitting around doing nothing
Considering ending this miniscule being
Reacting to things I wish I wasnt seeing...
</td><td width="33%" align="center"> N00B OF Clandestein-7 by MrMonday</td></tr><td width="33%" align="center" style="border-right: solid 1px #7F897F"> Going Back to Cali by kfunk</td><td width="33%" align="center" style="border-right: solid 1px #7F897F"> Bleedthrough - NIN - v2 by l30</td><td align="center" width="33%"> The City Lights by bleevINmiracles</td></tr><td width="33%" align="center" style="border-right: solid 1px #7F897F"> lonely park by cmdetroit</td><td width="33%" align="center" style="border-right: solid 1px #7F897F">:thumb12901660:</td><td align="center" width="33%"> The Epitome of DepressedEyes are red from crying
Out of breath from sighing
Grasping on to better times
Wishing still that you were mine
Trying to keep up with the crowd
Making my screams seem not so loud
Knowing things should be better
Thinking of ways to start my letter
Staying awake has become a job in itself
Staring at those pictures on that shelf
Crying into the deep hours of the night
Dreaming of drifting off into the light
Stopping anything that once was routine
Taking part in the bad things I've seen
Yearning for the impossible
Fearing the unstoppable
Contradicting everything I know
Parading on with this stupid show
Complaining about everything
Sitting around doing nothing
Considering ending this miniscule being
Reacting to things I wish I wasnt seeing...
Showcased using the Random Deviant function:

<table width="100%" style="padding: 6px"><tr><td width="33%" align="center" style="border-right: solid 1px #7F897F">:iconfurqanryk:</td><td width="33%" align="center" style="border-right: solid 1px #7F897F">:iconamity333:</td><td width="33%" align="center">:iconmattdanna:</td></tr><tr><td align="center" style="border-right: solid 1px #7F897F">:iconbin-chan:</td><td width="33%" align="center" style="border-right: solid 1px #7F897F">:iconxdls:</td><td width="33%" align="center">:icontheoneandonlyt:</td></tr><td width="33%" align="center" style="border-right: solid 1px #7F897F">:iconyumeuchiyume:</td><td width="33%" align="center" style="border-right: solid 1px #7F897F">:iconparkerwestonneely:</td><td align="center" width="33%">:iconwillowolf:</td></tr><td width="33%" align="center" style="border-right: solid 1px #7F897F">:icononi-queen:</td><td width="33%" align="center" style="border-right: solid 1px #7F897F">:icondataz:</td><td align="center" width="33%">:iconindulala:</td></tr></table>

From all of us here at deviantART, we want to thank you, our members, for making deviantART the success that it is today!

:bulletgreen: View a Random Deviation!
:bulletgreen: View a Random Deviant!
I've often wondered what deviantART would be like if it lost any of its leaders.  those people who took deviantART from an idea to a reality, the few that take their personal time and resources and continue to bring deviantART from vision into the reality of the digital world.  where would i personally be without their influence?  where would you be if they hadn't given of themselves to this site like they did?  like they do?

deviantART began as a vision; it was to be an art site that allowed for artistic freedom; a place for people to obtain constructive criticism of their art; a place for people to grow from merely being interested in art all the way to full-fledged artists.

in the beginning... deviantART was designed to blow away deskmod and skinz because they didn't offer what was needed: a place for pure artists, as opposed to mere skinners, to call home.  there was a void and it was filled.  jark coded the site, matteo rounded up some of our oldest and most loyal deviants who've been here from the beginning; this combination began the process that has filled that void for the past 1590 days.

we all know that deviantART has become more corporate.  how can it not?  the site is growing rapidly; 1.1 million users at last report.  but are we following that original vision; is deviantART still a lifeline for artistic freedom and constructive criticism?  or is the necessary evil of commerce that is piggybacking that vision and moving along with it finally outgrowing that vision that it was a part of?  is it taking over, pushing out deviantART's purpose?  i am saying what everyone is thinking:
is deviantART becoming too corporate and too greedy?
i spend hours a day on deviantART; taking care of my admin responsibilities, helping out where i can, browsing forums and userpages, commenting on deviations, idly chatting with some of you even.  a lot of you reading this journal know me in one form or another.  deviantART is a part of my life, more so now than it was even a year ago, or the year before that, or the one before that.  have any of us really taken the time to stop and consider how different our lives would be without the people that led this site from vision to creation?  even recently, have we been carrying the torch of their leadership, looking back at those original ideals and working to keep them?

what if we lost a leader like jark?  i would like to say that i fully appreciate all that scott does for deviantART, but the truth is i can't; i can't even guess the extent of his work for the site.  yes, he is a co-founder, he was a major code-monkey (meant with :heart:), now scott manages the community and its active developement.  he has led innovation and he has been highly critical when necessary.  what if we lost a sounding board like that for our community?  what if deviantART had to do without a leader and mascot like jark?  what would we do?  is it even possible?

this isn't just playful conjecture or theory; i am not joking.  this is harsh reality.  what would we do if jark were gone?

:nod: :heart:
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fyi, my avatar is from VGCats.  so, in case you are not cool enough to know that comic yet, now you are cool.  freakin' vader ;)

this is a short journal; today i woke up, my roommate's boyfriend leaving woke me this morning.  my sleep schedule seems to be normal again.  i finished playing halo (one) again.  i hung out w/ kate from tully's for about an hour and a half at her place (she showed me her pics from her trip to china this summer).  i talked w/ my aunt on the phone for 45 minutes (always good to have the relatives do a sanity check on you; i appear sane and healthy).

everyone go check out the admin du jour: jackdaws.  the dude is a pimp!  well, hunter is just a cool guy.

okay, time to do something with my evening now.
  • Listening to: the postal service - such great heights
  • Reading: the matarese countdown by robert ludlum
  • Watching: born on the fourth of july

A partnership between the Chinese government and several other financial backers, Accoona takes its name from the Swahili phrase, "accoona matata," for "no worries," popularized by Disney®'s film, "The Lion King."

The Chinese government has granted a 20 year exclusive partnership between Accoona and the China Daily Information Co., giving Accoona Corp. data on 5 million+ Chinese companies, information that the company's backers hope will be seen as a lucrative opportunity for U.S. businesses to do business in China ahead of the 2008 Olympic Games in Bejing, China.

The company seeks to distinguish itself from Google, Yahoo Inc. and a growing list of other search engine players by using artificial intelligence to make the results more relevant.  Traditional search engines use specific keyword or boolean matches; Accoona will access Web pages that may have no exact keyword matches but are still relevant to the query using a proprietary artificial intelligence system.

From the Accoona FAQ:
What makes Accoona special?

:bulletblue: Accoona delivers a great interactive experience to it users.  The user is more involved in determining the search results to his/her query by being able to highlight and emphasize certain key words.  This interactive capability, combined with the Artificial Intelligence Software technology, delivers the SuperTargeted results and significantly differentiates Accoona in the search space.

What is "SuperTargeting™"?

:bulletblue: Accoona gives you the ability to use Artificial Intelligence technology to "SuperTarget™" your searches. "SuperTarget™" is the term used by Accoona to describe the search features that enable searchers to highlight specific terms within the search query.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

:bulletblue: Accoona Artificial Intelligence is a Search Technology that understands the meaning of search queries beyond the conventional method of matching keywords. This user-friendly technology, merging online and offline information, delivers more relevant results and enhances the user experience.

"With MSN Spaces, you can now easily build your own personal Web log (blog) to share your photos, thoughts and experiences with whoever you choose. Open your Space to the public or just allow access to family and friends."

:bulletgreen: Publish online - Sound off daily, weekly, by event - whenever you want to share. List your recommendations for music, travel or books.

:bulletgreen: Post photos - Share your photos individually or build a slideshow. You can post directly from Hotmail if you like. Show off your trip, your kids, your car - it's your online photo album.

:bulletgreen: Make recommendations - Share your list of favorite music, books, and travel, and include links to more information.

:bulletgreen: Control your Space - Set access level to Private to allow only those you choose to see your Space, or open your Space to the public. All users must first accept a Code of Conduct and have an authenticated .NET Passport to access your Space.

:bulletgreen: See what others think - Let people post comments to your Space. Don't worry - you can set your Space so that nothings gets posted unless you say "Okay".

:bulletgreen: Find new friends - Search other Spaces that allow public access and link up with those Spaces you like.

:bulletgreen: "Gleam" - Your Messenger Contact Card will Gleam to notify people when you've updated your Space. Plus, friends can preview your Space right from your Contact Card. (You must be using MSN Messenger Beta to see this feature.)
While the MSN Spaces site works with browsers like Firefox and Opera, certain extended features (moving modules, etc) are only available in Internet Explorer.

Nullsoft has released an update to their "we-can-play-any-media" player. Winamp is a functional, versatile, and feature-rich with support for an array of audio and video formats. This software boasts support for visualisations, "Modern" skinning, limited CD burning and ripping, a comprehensive Media Library and an integrated internet radio and TV tuner. Winamp 5 has built on the success of its predecessors to maintain its title of premier media player. This update addresses proxy settings, the return of certain features for Windows® 95 users (woo!) and the well-known playlist security flaw.

An extensive number of plug-ins can be downloaded to further enhance Winamp 5. Plug-ins are which add support for more languages, file transfer to portable music devices (such as iPod) and new file formats are available. Visualisations, AVS presets and even games have been released as plug-ins. There is also a large collection of skins to choose from.

Winamp 5 comes in three versions: Full, Lite and Bundle. The Bundle version includes the an mp3 of "California Rain" by Silvertide, in addition to the Full version's feature set. The list below includes in brackets which versions of Winamp a particular feature is available.

:bulletgreen: Features:
:pointr: MP3 Audio Support (Full, Lite)
:pointr: Compatible with Winamp 2 Plug-ins (Full, Lite)
:pointr: Support for Classic Skins (Full, Lite)
:pointr: Support for Modern Skins (Full)
:pointr: New Winamp Modern Skin! (Full)
:pointr: Video Support (NSV, WMV, MPG…) (Full)
:pointr: Redesigned Media Library (Full)
:pointr: Integrated Visualizers (AVS/Milkdrop) (Full)
:pointr: Integrated Radio and TV Tuner (Full)
:pointr: CD Burning Support (2x Burning) (Full)
:pointr: CD Ripping Support (2x Ripping in AAC) (Full)
:pointr: Bundle version includes an mp3 track

:bulletgreen: Changes in this version:
:pointr: Critical Security bug fixed in in_cdda.dll and .m3u handler
:pointr: in_mp3 & in_nsv should work on Win95 again
:pointr: Proxy settings work again
:pointr: Installer fixed so that read_file.dll is installed always with mod support
:pointr: Version number should be properly reported by IPC_GETVERSION for this build

Winamp 5 (2+3, get it?) also comes in a Pro version which features mp3 encoding and unrestricted CD ripping and burning (up to 48x) which can be purchased for $14.95.

:bulletred: Download Winamp 5.0 Full (4.36mb)
:bulletred: Download Winamp 5.07 Lite (0.74mb)
:bulletred: Download Winamp 5.07 Bundle (7.88mb, includes mp3:  "California Rain" by Silvertide)
:bulletpurple: Plug-ins
:bulletpurple: Winamp Modern skins
:bulletblue: Product overview
:bulletblue: FAQ</a>

today, holmes, today.

Fri Nov 26, 2004, 7:16 PM
ugh, feels like i have asthma sometimes; apparently whenever i go from a resting state to moving around my chest decides to hurt. grr @ whatever is doing that.

thanksgiving was spent at my roommate's place; her family are utterly awesome.  i made pumpkin pie.  yes, that is right, my cooking skillz0rz are becoming yet more and more l33t.  i have to say though, the cherry pie was freakin' awesome.  i have roast turkey for sandwiches too :)  had one this morning at about 6am, damn it was good.

today i have been irritable.  if i closed your lame-ass thread, there was a reason.  if i threatened it, it is because the topic was utterly and completely useless, but i recognize that you are well within your rights to re-post topics that are really just 2 daily top forum topics squished together into one amalgam of stupidity.  word up.

apparently some people think that if i am ignoring them that it doesn't really mean that i am ignoring them and don't want to hear from them, but in fact i want them to instant message me from multiple accounts on multiple messengers and leave comments on my page.  there are 2 individuals who apparently have taken it upon themselves to delude themselves into thinking that i am capable of dealing with their crap.  fyi, i am not.  i am happy with my relationship situation in life and i am happy with my roommate situation.  if you had any delusions, they are closed now; i am single, i am happy, i am looking forward to meeting a very beautiful woman this decemeber in her home state.  i am utterly happy with my rooming situation as well.

in other news, i burned all of my photography to a dvd today, giving me 4.3gb more space on my data drive.  although my mp3 directory is getting out of control: 47.5gb of mp3s - i don't think i listen to more than half of it all.  i am going to go on a cleaning spree this weekend; i want to move all of my tv show rips and movie rips between drives (my system drive needs a nice clean install soonish).

along similar lines, my wireless network is finally working to my satisfaction.  my apartment was wired very badly for cable internet.  the cable outlet is in the very front room, making it necessary to snake the cable around a portico, then to the cable modem.  from the cable modem i have cat-5 to the linksys wrt54gs wireless router.  in the past someone in a nearby apartment has another linksys wireless router configured to basic settings, i.e. mixed 802.11b and g mode, channel 6, default SSID, and for some reason their linksys would interfere w/ my custom configuration and take over my custom SSID.  anyway, they have a VERY old firmware version, and even i am not mean enough to update thier firmware over wireless.  instead, their wireless has just been turned off (they never had any wireless devices attached).  my router is also now, basically, positions on the ceiling.

the chronilogical happenings of today:
-woke up at 4:00am to a text message from phoenixtx and my friend katrina (she sent me one about 2 minutes before phoenix).
-went for a walk and chat w/ phoenixtx around 5:00am after waking up and falling back asleep.
-ended up in front of meier & frank in downtown portland this morning, watching the crowd forming outside.
-came back home around 6:15am to make a turkey sandwich (mmmm... leftovers!).
-got a call at 6:25am from crystal, requesting coffee for katrina and herself (hazelnut mocha and white chocolate mocha respectively).  okay, sure.
-6:45am to 8:15am spent at meier & frank playing around in their department, waiting for my roommate to wake up so that we could go shopping.
-8:30am get back home to find an awakened roommate.
-10:00am go shopping at target, old navy, and best buy.  i get a slow cooker for rice for 4.50$USD at target.
-12:55pm (after target but before old navy and best buy) have lunch at red robin.  mmm.
-3:00pm get back home.
-between 3:00pm and 7:00pm browse and patrol dA, respond to idiocy, watch cable, do a bit of cleaning.
-7:00pm write a journal.

so, good times.

alicia: get ahold of me - what are you up to tonight?  come hang out.
phoenix: im/text/call me when you get home.  hope that snow wasn't too much of an annoyance :P
kathleen: maybe livejournal is true ;)  we gotta have more morning dream swapping :D

alright, going to play some ravenshield and then try to do some laundry.  blah.
thanks for reading.

are you part of it?
are you part of it?
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cant. sleep. cant. gaaah!

Sun Nov 21, 2004, 11:08 AM
no longer have the flu. now just have the after-effects. like dry/sore throat, etc.

okay, so i took a sleeping pill moments ago because i cannot sleep.  no melatonin in the house, yea, i should get some.

anyway, i submitted something new.  holy crud.  i also spent almost an hour on the phone w/ my uncle last night; he is one cool guy.  you know your uncle is cool when you hang up the phone, see that you've chatted for almost an hour, and then say to yourself, ("self.." okay, not that) "i just talked w/ my uncle for over half an hour like we were just good buddies.  my uncle rules!"

starsky and hutch was funny.  i now want a 1973 ford gran torino.  damn.

sorry phoenixtx, i couldn't get to sleep any sooner.  still give me a call, wake my ass up :)  phone is on the bed w/ me.  freakin' cold freakin' lonelyass bed.


ps - CordeliaxShotxHim you owe me at least a text message indicating your shoulder hasn't fallen off in the night.

are you part of it?
are you part of it?
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